Not long now… Arghhhh Packing!!

So my packing has commenced big style now!! You know when you have a moment where you realise the number of clothes you have makes absoloutly no sense…. I’ve just had one of those now – I’ve got more t-shirts than years I’ve been alive and less than half the amount in trousers, which seems to put it mildly odd? Why wouldn’t the amounts be similar at all but hey ho.
I’ve packed the camera and camcorder so I should get some good shots and videos of the amazing wildlife and landscapes in Nova Scotia (hoping we have a few days nice weather). I’m going to look like a little eskimo by the way I’ve been packing, even though I decided upon half and half cold to warm clothes I’ve got my ski jacket, ski pants and then multiple scarves and hats. But I have sneaked in a few pairs of long shorts and vests 🙂
Well as I write this it will probably be my last entry till I travel on saturday next week, then I’m hoping to put an update on every day or 2 and update photos when I return. I’m NOT taking my laptop, but my iPod will be my travelling companion and keep me accessed to the world!!
Who knows I may not want to come back…. But biting the bullet may be actually more difficult than the dream. So travelling and volunteering will suffice for now, I’m already planning on doing another one next year and this one hasn’t even started yet!
Ok – I think that shall do for now – Shan’t be long till I return, and leave 🙂

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