T-minus 16 hours till first flight!!

Ok now the nerves are setting in! Bags weighed and measured, boots polished, wellies cleaned and sadly my favourite hat shrunken! But I’ve got a spare 🙂 so here it goes 1 more sleep till I arrive in Halifax, NS and then 1 more sleep till the expedition begins. It’s been a relatively short wait seen as I was such a late comer to the sign up which is probably a good thing – less time to panic and chicken out ha ha ha.


Anyway, I thought I’d say a bit more about what it is I’m going to be doing. The objectives of my time out there are to look at how ecosystems, biodiversity, landscapes and wildlife are affected by human activities. The sample sites we will be taking in are Cook’s Lake Farm Reserve – 330 acres of mixed coniferous and deciduous woodland, which is owned by one of the Scientists (Dr. Buesching) and Eastport Medway – which is a more coastal region of Nova Scotia and as it is close to human population shows how that interacts and affects the mammal populations.


The animals which are to be studied (as the title of the project being “Mammals of Nova Scotia” suggests) are Mammals such as Snowshoe Hares, Porcupines, Moose, Beaver, Vole and Various Bat species such as Pipistrell and Hoary.


Data collection will include censusing of the species, CMR (capture, mark, and retrieve), behaviour observations, transect observations (from droppings, footprints, burrows to animal sightings)…. I think you get the point now, and although some may be a bit teaching grandma to suck eggs with me, I am thoroughly looking forward to it. I’m just dubious of missing my flights. But we’ll find that out in a few hours!!


Oh and I’m taking a hot water bottle (Just in Case!!)




For more info on the expedition click the following link for the briefing:


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