Meet and greet

Well after last nights moderate disaster and now feeling relatively caught up with all my timezones it’s time to meet the rest of the gang. I met Sue, one of the many who is on a teaching award-and so not only has to do the project research but also has to teach her school kids-last night at the airport and she sat through the debarcle that was the room error. But hays travel will be getting a proper earfull and I expect a refund after that, but on to other things.

So Sue and Anne-who arrived yesterday but understandably was tucked up in bed by the time we made it in-are already here, and the rest we’ll meet as they come in to the airport. We’re going to head over there once we’re all suitably refreshed and then do lunch as it’s just as handy as going to downtown Halifax which has a pricey taxi or bus involved!!


Well we all made it in one piece, so including Sue, Anne and Me there are: Amanda, Angela, Kim, Melissa and Diana. So those are all the members of the crack team!! And only poor melissa lost her bag, but that should turn up soon. We’ve done the ice-breaker and met Chris, Christina and Lycos (the dog, yes he is named after the search engine, they found him on google!) the earthwatch scientists who have been lovely enough to accept us on the mission.

We had pizza, salad and ice cream for tea and had the health and safety to digest-all of it using both English and American terminology, so as examples we have Flashlight (torch) and Band Aid (plaster). Pretty easy really but there are teeny tiny differences accross the board, imagine if I used the word Chav or Charver they’d be lost with that one. But as I’m yet to see a one in Canada I think they’re safe from the scurge that is the Chav’s!! Right anyway I’m exhausted jet lag is catching up with me a bit so I’m going to crash.

Tomorrows the first day in the field so I’m sure to have an immense update then but for now this will do goodnight all!! xoxo

4 thoughts on “Meet and greet

  1. There aren\’t really any Moose left, the damned white-tailed Deer infected them with a nematode, known as the brain worm which kills them (sad face) but Bears, we may see (and in turn walk slowly away from) but we have been told act natural and talk LOUDLY if we see any!!OH and the disasters are being shared out, mine was the room, Anne\’s was losing her memory card and Melissa\’s was the Bag – still waiting for the next one, that is unless the curse is over 🙂

  2. Just updated myself with the adventures of Claire and it is damn typical that you would have no room! Remind me we are never to travel abroad together with ur luck and mine we would be screwed!!! Enjoy ur first day and remember no chasing the moose and bears dont like to share their salmon!!! H x

  3. hmmmm so that means we are still waiting for disaster number three to happen!!!! It\’s a wonder the bag disaster wasn\’t you!!!

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