Planes, trains and automobiles!!

*Home-Newcastle* (1hour)

Well check in has been a success, self-service check in is quite a new fangled technology for little old me even my poor Mam seemed confused!! Anyway just waiting for my departure to pop up and then I’m off on leg one of the journey to Charles de Gaulle, Paris. And I’ve already had one disaster in that my mobile was disconnected so I am officially uncontactable for 24 hours, which isn’t exactly ideal if anything goes wrong? But we live and learn and I made it to flight one at least which is a bonus. This flying solo thing is a whole new concept to me but I’m sure it’ll all go swimmingly… Right something to eat!!

*Newcastle-Paris* (1hour & 4 hour wait in airport)

Bonjour!! Ok well that’s that one section over. Only an hour on a plane seems mild compared to the next leg! A seven hour flight may be more of a killer than I planned. But at least I’ll get fed, although I did get a drink and nibbles on my first flight it wasn’t really long enough to justify a meal. The plane was only 4 chairs wide and I did get a seat to myself but I was on the wrong side to see the Eiffel tower but fingers crossed on the way back 🙂 How do you describe Charles de Gaulle airport in one word…? IMMENSE – It is absolutely Humongous!! The ceilings are somewhat similar (although much cleaner and more modern) to those at York train station, well minus the pigeons ha ha. The temperature is 15 degrees which for what is essentially a massive greenhouse doesn’t bode well for the heat challenged so for the first time since leaving home the hoody may get removed? Although I fear by the time I reach Montreal it may be going back on again. But for now I’ll sit and read my new book and wait to board flight number 2 or deux if we want to be country appropriate! Oh and on a positive note, the prior said 24 hour wait was cut short by a few hours as it appears I am now mobile! That’s got to be a good sign, right?

*Paris-Montreal* (7hours)

Oh my life, 7 hours never seemed so long plus some French bird kept squishing me with her chair ignorant cow, and her mother had a go when I put my knees up to stop her!! Some people!! Anyway plane huge, food middling-too much cheese involved, and sleep lacking!!

*Montreal-Halifax* (1hour 30minutes)

I made it, but have just had a major set back which due to exhaustion caused me to weep, my room booking at the holiday inn was misplaced. And to top it off they weren’t very helpful at advising me what to do, I don’t think they cared!! So after all that I’m now at the Hilton garden inn, for cheaper (guy on reception felt sorry for me seen as I’ve already paid for a room once) Booyah, glad someone did!

Anyway long story short I made it and now am going to have a long deserved rest xoxo

One thought on “Planes, trains and automobiles!!

  1. least you don\’t have to worry about accommodation on the way back, and Hays Travel/Travel Cube will/ARE going to compensate you for there error.

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