Day 1: Poop Watch

Today we have been mostly learning about poop, or scat for the American’s amongst us. The morning began with breakfast and a presentation by Christina about her current project in Wytham Woods, Oxford on Badger population and her and Chris’ Identification methods and basic protocols. And then we got on to Nova Scotia, and what we as a team would be involved in and how what we do would effect the project and in turn the species Native to Nova Scotia.
After Lunch, we then went on a 6 mile hike of Broad Cove (a coastal region) where we identified field signs such as tracks, faeces and bark gnawing. We also came accross various bones, one of which being identified as most probably a seal pup which is quite sad. Although we didn’t see any live seals we did see an Eastern Red Squirrel which was much smaller than I thought it would be and isn’t like the English ones we know and love. And we saw, a da-da-daaaaaa Porcupine which was pretty amazing, I was like-in awe-as I’ve never seen one before and barring the quills it was pretty cute and had such a sweet face. I do have a photo of it, however it may look more like tree branches than anything as the ability to get a camera in at it wasn’t so easy but hopefully one of the other guys got a good shot I can add once we sort through them.
Nova Scotia is beautiful, it’s kind of got everything – coast, forests and open spaces it’s amazing. I’ve taken some half decent photos in my Day 1 Album so hopefully you can see exactly how amazing it looks. It’s relatively desolate during the more winter months as it gets soooo cold here so most people use it as a vacation spot, so not so many people around but it means there’s more for us to see!
Righty-ho going to figure out how to upload my photos now and then put them on here. I will be putting them on facebook aswell, but I’ll wait till I come home to fo that one.
Oh and bonus-so far the weather has been brilliant (However I may have just cursed us all by saying that?) xoxo

4 thoughts on “Day 1: Poop Watch

  1. I may become a poop expert!! So yes!! Ha ha and the weathers not too bad we all caught the sun today so it is warm!! But looks like it may rain tomorrow 😦

  2. I agree the porcupine does look like branches and the squirrel looks like a blot on the photo!!!!! Your hot water bottle will have come in handy as it\’s sooooo cold and not getting any warmer looking at the next 14 days temperatures for Halifax!!!!

  3. Just thinking does ths poop watch thing mean you can now tell me which one of my dogs pooped what! Or which little monkey is gnawing the monk seat?????

  4. Yeah you right the porcupine does look like a bunch of branches!! Hope you not grappling any Mounties while you out there!!

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