Day 2: Trapping begins

Up and out at 9:00 and then off to the study site for our first trapping session. The traps we use are Longworth traps which are most commonly used for rodent trapping and were designed in longworth near Oxford, UK. I will add a picture to my albums of them. We walked a line transect each in pairs and singles depending on where we were walking and set out 20 traps in a line with about 5 foot between each trap. We’re hoping to catch mice and voles which we will identify using hair snips on the bodies and then return to the area they were caught. The traps will be reset and then put back in the locations in the hope if recapture or new capture over the next 3 days so that Christina and Chris can monitor the ecology of the area. So tomorrow I should have some good pictures of mice and voles that we’ve caught, and fingers crossed don’t get bitten by!!

We also had a DIY task of helping to build the Walls for the on site unit that is in progress. Angela and Amanda got there 2 together first with me and Melissa coming a close second (images are also to come).

I saw more red squirrels today while walking the transect, and Dad would be proud I kept up and kept in line for once Ha ha ha 🙂 Anyway I think that shall do for today i’m off to check for ticks and have a shower, that’s right there are loads of ticks so we have to check for them after being in the field. I might go out to see if the racoons are out later on but for now I think I need a wash! xoxo

6 thoughts on “Day 2: Trapping begins

  1. Yeah they did but they also have a red squirrel called the eastern red squirrel it\’s much smaller than our reds but looks pretty similar.

  2. How have they red squirrels i thought it was there grey ones that came over and killed off our lil crimson creatures

  3. Ha ha very funny! I\’m tickless as yet however I think one person has had a tick so far but it hadn\’t grabbed on yet. Getting up for breakfast now then off to check the traps and go on a porcupine hunt so hopefully I\’ll have videos today!!

  4. That\’s exactly what I did in South Africa. We had to empty the traps into clear plastic bags, snip them, then let them go. I think I got bitten once. Hope it is all going well!

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