Day 3: Lights, Camera, Action!

Ok today was trap checking day and would you believe it we had 7 captures today, although 3 in the afternoon were recaptures from the morning.

We caught all red backed vole one of which I handled I will include images and a video soon! After capture we had to set them in a timidity tray for the time it took to run through or 10 minutes depending on which came first. The hypothesis so far is undecided as Christina is unsure on if the faster to escape means the more likely to survive longer or by staying put they are more likely to survive. But from our observations today (as 2 Voles had fur clip marks from September and wouldn’t leave the tray) I would say timidity must work but clearly that’s just a tiny sample!!

Between all the fun of the animal capture we also did a porcupine damage survey across a transect we monitored. As porcupines are viewed as a pest for forestries as they chew at tree bark so here in nova scotia they shoot them, which isn’t ideal as they’re becoming less and less. So by studying there behaviour and tree selection it should be possible to cone up with a soloution. I was also wondering if sounds would help keep them away but the soloution has to be cheaper than a bullet, so maybe not?

We also then set up camera traps (hence the title), we’re hoping to get sightings of porcupine, snowshoe hare and others in the spot me and diana were set so fingers crossed-however the first few images will be us standing and waving to double check it worked!! We did a field tracking survey in the woodland surrounding our trapping transects following the paths and found signs of beaver, coyote, skunk and porcupine and found the chrysalis of the biggest moth in north America the name escapes me right now but it did begin with ‘S’. And tonight we had a fun conversation about the differences between British and American English, which was pretty entertaining 🙂 ha ha ha

Anyway I think i’m going to shower now and then set away with photo and video uploads but I may be soooo incredibly tired it’ll have to wait till tomorrow, so obviously we’ll see about that one?! Oh and I’m still tick free people rock on!! xoxo

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