Day 4: Alvin, Simon, Theodore, doop-do doopety-do

Ok today’s blog shall be short and yes photos are still in progress. I’m tired you know!!

Anyway trap checking again today and still my transect caught none, but no captures are just as important as captures! We caught 8 in total but all were recaptures from yesterday, and the female I handled is now visibly pregnant so that’s nice to know. On the afternoon check we caught a chipmunk which was exciting as I’ve never seen a wild one and boy are they quick, it got away on christina and was off like lightning . Luckily even Lycos wasn’t fast enough or else the poor guy would be a goner!

The middle of the day was taken up with more porcupine damage surveys and snowshoe hare quadrats. We found (as a team) 5,000 snowshoe hare droppings, but as yet chris and christina still need to figure out how many an individual produces over a day so they will have to catch or keep some and then do counts and calculations from there. The 5,000 was over 5 quadrats but as we got further into the wood/forest the numbers increased which makes sense as they can hide better in the immensly dense woodland (believe me I know!!) and therefore the population is much larger.

This evening we had a climate change talk with chris who explained the ins and outs of the matter, which is a bit much to go over but if you want to know more – read a journal!! Also as a note if you go to you can access the project website and learn more about what I’m doing out here.

It’s 10pm now and we’ve got a busy busy day tomorrow again with a lovely end of the week at the pub so probably no blog tomorrow but while the teachers skype I’ll upload my photos of the last 2 days and also pop up the longworth trap videos! Goodnight y’all! xoxo

3 thoughts on “Day 4: Alvin, Simon, Theodore, doop-do doopety-do

  1. I see Alvin and the Chipsmunks have a new DVD out it was on offer in Tesco\’s yesterday, should have bought it for you, LOL 🙂

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