Day 5 & 6: Tragedy strikes Halifax

Day 5: We collected in the traps today and I finally caught a little guy, my transect was nearest the road so it was slightly unexpected! So I was pleased. But Anne took a nasty fall on the rocks and was taken to hospital for 11 stitches it was a very deep hole in her leg!!

After collecting the traps and Anne from the hospital we went on a hayride around the local organic farm, where we learnt about organic wood production where they still use the old methods of horses driving the trees out and not using pesticides etc on the ground or food enhancers on there animals. After that we went to the “pub” in Liverpool which wasn’t a pub but more a hotel where we listened to some “banging tunes” by a little known pair called Naming the Twins and I signed some of you up to the mailing list (don’t worry you can unsubscribe!!) so you too can experience a bit of the local culture of Nova Scotia.

Day 6: Today was our research free day so we all got bundled into the van to go to Halifax for a look around the shops and exhibitions. The maritime museum was particularly fascinating as I never knew the involvement that Halifax had in the titanic rescue or that 5 years later in 1917 the poor buggers then suffered a huge tragedy of a massive explosion which wiped out the whole area practically with a few surviving and the buildings being completely destroyed. It happened due to a missions ship hitting a smaller boat on it’s way into the harbour and as the missions ship was armed with various explosives it went Boom! It looked like a nuclear explosion it was horrific!! It was the largest man made explosion until the Hiroshima bomb, which is pretty damn impressive in a bad way.

After the exploring we all met up for dinner and I tried a bit of lobster, I wasn’t incredibly impressed as it was sooooo sweet so I don’t think I’ll be having it again. Today we’re off to Kejimkujik national park for a look around and some more transect work, so I’ll probably have another update tonight but I figured I’d catch you up on the past 2 days.

I uploaded the photos yesterday but am still to label them all so I’ll sort that out aswell… And remember you can comment on them and this we all get excited when we get comments!! Also i had 250+ views last week so thanks for Reading that’s an impressive amount 🙂 ok best get dressed and ready. Oh and we finally had rain and sleet yesterday, but I have caught the sun on my face on the first few days but I won’t be quite as brown as I was after Cyprus etc. xoxo

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