Day 7: Kejim-who-jik??

Today we went to kejimkujik, as explained earlier-which is the national park of nova scotia-and had a bit of an explore around. First off we went to go see Mills Falls a “waterfall” which chris described as rapids, and it’s much smaller than low force in teesdale, England so I think rapids covers it! Although it was quite impressive.

After that we went for a trek around the hemlock forests and around the big dam lake (that’s it’s name not me being sarcastic!) where we saw all the humongous trees and various features like nurse logs, fungi and lichen growth. I wasn’t so hot with my camera today though so you should check out everyone elses blogs for pictures. Then we conducted more poop surveys. This time for White-tailed deer who are now prevalent in the area and, as I may have said before are responsible for the loss off the moose in the south of nova scotia-due to the brain worm. Me and kim drew 1st place after picking quadrats with 11 sightings each, which was probably fluke but we’d like to think it’s because we think like the deer.

Tomorrow we set up our second batch of longworth trap transects at Cooks lake farm, so I should get more pictures from another area of nova scotia. And hopefully see more new species as today we saw 2 white tailed deers andan osprey nesting. Ok shower time I think, but while I remember we did spend this evening watching various entertainment online, so go to or look for the blackfly song on YouTube to share in our evenings joy! xoxo

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