Day 8: Our luck runs out

The rains have arrived… today while out in the field it was officially minging!

It was cold and damp and not very pleasant, kind of like being in England (ha ha).

Anyway today was our first day at cooks lake-our new trapping site. It’s a lot different from the last one, as there’s no brambles or thick growth to charge through. There’s nice open grassland and some hardwood bush but that’s it. Cooks lake itself is pretty impressive with a massive expanse and there are beavers resident and a pair of loons/lunes which are great northern divers as there official name. I’ve got some photos of the beaver damage, as they’ve been lodge building.

Beavers in Canada don’t tend to build dams, only lodges-as in most cases the expanses of water they choose to live on are already deep enough. We set out 2 trapping grids in different areas in the hopes we catch not just shrews but also meadow jumping mice and possibly some deer mice… But we’ll find that out tomorrow!! Anyway tea is about ready so I’ll say ta-ta for now. And also in case anybody hasn’t noticed I added a blog link section in my column underneath my pictures, so you can read everyone elses blogs who are here and see there pictures aswell. xoxo

5 thoughts on “Day 8: Our luck runs out

  1. I’m trying to but having issues with the copying of them… but if push comes to shove I can just ask for them to be e-mailed……?

  2. Thought you were gonna get copies of all photo’s and put them on cd anyway, liked the wellie picture!

  3. Ok I’ll steal the picture – we didn’t see the turtles only the road signs. We go beaver watching properley tomorrow or Thursday night so will get pictures then. Bears on the other hand aren’t so good to spot and would try to eat us if they saw us!! Black bears don’t ignore if you play dead you have to act like you didn’t see it and keep walking if you run they chase you aswell so not so good to photo if we see any. But if I do (even poop I’ll sort it).I think I should be back soon, the airports seem to be opening now and flying again!! So we’ll see 🙂 x

  4. Just read a little portion of Dianas blog you never mentioned turtles now thats cool I want a picture of that too Or the cool picture of the road sign that she has!!!!!!

  5. Well the weather in England was nice last week actually! But this week it is hmm varible shall we say and really cold today but sunny! Dont think you will be getting home this side of christmas haha! More dust on its way and although we have domestic flights today looks like they will close again!!!! Its al=ways happens when you away, last time Swine flu this time a blood volcano! Hehe!I want a picture of a beaver please if possible and the deer mouse sounds interesting too! Have any of you been bitten yet??? Or seen bears (or they poop maybe?) Anyway I am at work and should probably do more work as on half day today so bye bye and I hope to see you soon?! Maybe the old Mr rown will send the Navy ship for you too! ( Sending it for the britons in spain!) Maybe you could catch yourself and nice Navy man!! Anywho must go now Later H x

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