Day 9: Ticks strike back

After being tick free for a long time today they unleashed a force greater than we could have imagined. Today I had 8 in total though 5 were found on my salapets (ski pants to normal people). The rest were on my hoody or jacket, and it wasn’t just me it was everyone poor Anne had a one attached to her scalp!! But turning them ANTI-clockwise removes them… Remember that folks it could be important one day. Anyway on to less crawly things….

We caught one meadow vole today, they are a much larger strain than the red-backed ones we caught last week. But we only caught one out of the 100 traps we set which wasn’t so good but we did catch her twice, so maybe she’ll tell her friends?! After that we did 10 scat transects for deer and snowshoe hare droppings (by god there are a lot of hare droppings). Then another transect checking for field signs through the woodland. We spotted coyote footings which was exciting and lots of porcupine scat, so hopefully we should bump into another one soon 🙂

On the way out of the woodland I saw a racoon print in a puddle, they’re really cute just like tiny hands as they have 4 fingers and a thumb and they wash their food before they eat it-just like people do! We also popped to the local ‘mall’ for a quick stock up before heading back to homestead. So I got all my goodies for everyone at home, so you can all experience the wonder of maple cream cookies (biscuits really but you know what these canadians and Americans are like with cookies!!) xoxo

3 thoughts on “Day 9: Ticks strike back

  1. They aren’t the ones with Lymes disease – they’re just the annoying type. And good for you Lemin, it’s always nice to have a bit of Jazzy Jeff in the House!!

  2. In the words of Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff “Tick Tick Tick Tick…Boom!”. I’m not sure that helps your cause but I’ve wanted to say it for a while now!

  3. behoped you haven’t left anything from the tick in your body or you’ll be coming back with lymes disease!!

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