Day 10 & 11: Happy Earthday

Ok I know I didn’t blog yesterday but we didn’t really have time so in summary:Day 10: Today we went to Cooks Lake again to continue our rodent trapping and deer surveys. While we didn’t catch anything in our traps we did get to walk through some pretty amazing forest, the views were amazing! We also did some grassland management and got to chop down lots of trees, which was fun. But da-da-daaaaaaa I got bitten by a tick, that’s right folks it was attached, but I freaked out and couldn’t touch it so one of the group turned it Anti-clockwise and got it off for me, which was a relief!

After getting back we popped to the beach at cherry hill for a look around and saw various shrimps and small fish in the water in the lagoon behind the beach cove. Then the highlight of the trip for me happened…. We went beaver watching!! That was amazing, I have some half decent footage, however I can’t upload it as for some reason the PC’s here won’t play it? Which is very confusing. So I will upload that once I get home as I’ve now given up on the technology.

There were 3-4 Beavers all having a good swim around the lodge and we were that close we could even hear one of them gnawing on some branches. Prior to the Beavers emerging we also observed (and got footage of) a Muskrat going about it’s duties. I should warn you though once I get the video’s uploaded that the Spring Peepers (small frogs) are incredibly deafening and that’s what we sat and listened to for the whole time we were there!!

On the way back we also nearly ran over a Snowshoe Hare, Baby Racoon and a White-tailed Deer. All of which I saw but sadly I didn’t shout fast enough for the Hare and everyone else missed it but me!!

Day 11: Today is EARTHDAY and was our last day at the tick infested area that is Cooks Lake! And yet again we didn’t catch a thing, but we did some more grassland management in the area and got another 3 trees down for the hour and a half we were on (and no we aren’t allowed to use chainsaws, it was all handsawing!!)

This afternoon we did some survival techniques and learnt how to trap mammals and birds, and also learnt how to make fire using the old rubbing of the 2 sticks technique. As today is Earthday we are having a little celebration tonight with cake, which should be fun. But now I think I’m going to continue to figure out my videos and upload the photos from cooks lake and Beaver watching to keep you tanatalised if I can’t get the former sorted (They’re sooooo good to, well I think so anyway)

Right, ok it’s the last day tomorrow and we’re off to the seaside adjunct of Kejimkujik to go see porcupines, racoons and other interesting species xoxo

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