Day 12: Last day in Bonnie New Scotland

And so the adventure ends, today is the last day!! That’s right folks, the lastest day, sad-sad times.But anyway so to discuss today… We had a debate this morning about environmentalism and what the ideas and theories actually mean to us and the rest of the earth as a being. Which was pretty deep!! Then we went to kejimkujik seaside adjunct for some final animal spotting and to take in the scenery.

The adjunct was pretty amazing it had beautiful views and delivered bucketloads of photo ops!! And today I saw a seal, sadly it was a bit far off to get a photo, but then came the porcupines!! We saw 2 and I got some great video of one of them which yes I will upload (hopefully tonight). It’s been a pretty relaxing day all in all and now we are ending the fortnight of hardwork, animal watching and tick killing with a few beers, wine and curry.

21:40 – Ok so tea was banging and we’re now listening to some rhythm, blues and soul… It’s a nice way to end the day, washing done, packing sorted, and now to chill…

We leave for the airport at 8:45 and I fly in the afternoon. So I’ll continue to update most likely at least until I’m back at work but who knows I may blog for more of my random adventures. I’m planning a charity bike ride along the north penine way (70 miles) to raise money for Earthwatch and Cancer Research UK so I’ll be training for that and then doing it (it can take 3 days) so I may update again then.

I hope you’ve enjoyed Reading about what I’ve been up to please feel free to comment and watch my videos or look at my pictures! It’s been nice to know people want to read along…. To those who know me I’ll see you soon to those who I don’t thanks for joining the ride!! xoxo


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