Home Sweet Home

Well now it’s officially over – back to the grind tomorrow at work, and back to the real world.

My flights all went fine, no Ash related problems which was pleasant, however I was unlucky enough to be sat in front of someone who coughed incessantly all the way from Montreal to Paris!! Which was unlucky, but I’m back and slightly exhausted. I’ve sorted my washing and found only one Tick in amongst my clothes which wasn’t so much of a surprise and his head got chopped right off. If I missed any others they now are in the drain system as they went through a 40 degree wash and then a tumble drier and although they may have survived they are now trapped in the piping and floating off to wherever the water gets filtered etc…

I will get round to uploading the rest of my videos this week, and the last few pictures. As you probably noticed I added Angela Blemker’s flickr site so you can see even more of the wonderful sites we saw on her pictures as well.

On a bonus note, I now also have to pay out for a new car windscreen as i have a mahussive crack in mine now so that’s to be sorted on Thursday which as you can probably tell was a lovely thing to come home to!!

Anyway, I’m now going to call it a night and wish you all well, sweet dreams and tick free sleep to you all. xoxo

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