Slowly, Slowly, Catchy, Monkey

Well the more intense planning stages are about to commence. That’s right folks the real pricing has begun and jesus, it’s going to be expensive but worth it!!

So far I’ve got my travel costs down, that’s right down to £1200, but considering how much I spent on my expedition last year that is nothing. And I’ll probably never do the same trip again especially once I get myself on the property ladder, so till then may as well enjoy myself.

Next stop is passport central. My passport needs to be sent off and updated as I can’t get my Visa unless I have at least 6 months to a year so off to the passport office we go for documents and the like. On a bonus note I think I have to get a new passport photo, so a trip to the hairdressers and a beautification may be in order, as I look HORRIFIC on my last photo and my driving licence isn’t overly special either. Don’t want to scare the immigration guys at the desks!!

Sooooo the current plan still stands I think… Train to Heathrow, Flight to Seattle, Drive to Pacifica, then Vegas, Then fly home again, and all in 20 days I think I calculated it to be. 7 in Seattle, 7 in Pacifica/San Francisco and 4 in Las Vegas, plus 2 days flying/travelling!! Woooooooot

The USA should be afraid, be very afraid!!

See you soon my American friends xoxo

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