No, I’m not a Spy…

Today, because I’m a citizen from one of those lucky countries that the US doesn’t deem to require a VISA to enter the country, I filed and was approved for my ESTA (Electronic system for Travel Authorization) into the US, and what a random lot of questions.

But because I don’t have a mental disorder (although some would say that’s debatable) or Gonorrhea, I’m not or have never been involved with criminal espionage or had any persecutions associated with Nazi germany or its allies luckily I was admitted entry.

I understand why they ask all of this stuff but when you fill it in you do giggle. I mean how many people who enter the US would admit to seeking entry in order to engage in criminal activities, I’m not – but for people who are, would you say so??

So now it’s official I’m allowed to enter the US… $14 later

So roll on the 6th(?) of July – that’s the estimated date I intend to fly out on – and the craziness which will ensue upon my arrival.


ESTA Website (for all you happy travellers out there)

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