Who’s for a Cuppa?

The decision has been made – we’re travelling on a wing and a prayer. Yes we’re figuring it out as we go… The general plan is sorted. Arrive in Seattle, go to see Angela and get her to get her tour guide hat on.

From which point various outings to Vancouver, a Winery and seeing the Space needle are most definitely occurring. Then jump in the car and head down the road; inland for so long, then heading out to the coast taking in all the sites. Seeing the redwood forests, the beautiful coast and all the bit’s in-between until we reach California. Where Melissa will takeover as tour guide and take us to another Winery (we like the grape juice!). The Golden Gate bridge and San Francisco bay, along with Pacifica. Then probably LA and the rest of southern california we can fit in!

I want to see as much as possible and take in all I can of the big American experience. It’s all so exciting I nearly wee’d a little!

I now though have no idea what to pack. I want to travel relatively light, with all the travelling I think it’s better to take a small amount of clothes and then wash but I don’t want to under compensate and take too little. But 20 days is a long time so maybe if I take 10 days worth of stuff then wash the middle of the trip and start again… I hate luggage and packing, mainly because I’m bad at it. I was a total flake last year for Nova Scotia – if it wasn’t for the packing list we got of essentials I would have totally forgotten the most important stuff like my hiking boots. But then I’m sure my Mam would have reminded me about them! She’s a handy packing aide!

The problem now is I’m so overly excited that by the time it actually comes around I’ll be so worn out from all the buzzing around for 6 months waiting I’ll probably be dead when I get off the plane! So I think I may take some teabags, I love tea, I’m a true Brit.

The USA needs to stock up on some good tea – Typhoo or Yorkshire Tea, they’re the proper brew none of this PG tips, mind Sainsburys gold leaf fair-trade tea makes a damn good cuppa at work, so I’m not a total tea label freak. And I HATE Earl or Lady Grey tea, it’s all flowery and rubbish – it tastes like Parma-violets in tea, and Parma-violets were never good. They were all little and ewwwwwww.

The MOST hated sweet EVER (Not 100% fact, but I sure don’t like them)

I was more of a Love Hearts or Refresher girl… wow I’m totally rambling now, about tea and sweets – so back to the program, and talking of programmes Frasier is on – or as it’s now known – The Seattle research show.

So I will bid you adieu, with my thoughts of tea, and sweets. Goodnight xoxo

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