So in case of death – Repatriate!

Travel insurance is, although essential, an annoying necessity. Most of all because I HATE small print. If it’s that important why don’t they actually make it in massively huge text so that 1. You can actually read it and 2. You know exactly what you’re getting.

I’m twisting mostly because there are loads of cheaper travel insurance deals I can get but not one of them includes repatriation… Which according to my mother and others is a highly vital part of a travel insurance deal. Mostly because if  – worst case scenario – I die while I’m away they can bring my body back, or in the case of a serious injury or illness they will pay for me to be flown back to the UK for our wonderful NHS service and care. I say wonderful through gritted teeth as up till now – all I get told is I’m an anomaly if I do have something wrong with me!!

So as I scroll through the endless (and I mean endless) insurance quotes and there teeny tiny small print so I know what I’m getting included for my money, I wish that instead of this stupid comparison button that they have on this particular website. That there was a big ticky box chart that had what I NEED from my travel insurance so that I don’t have to go the long way around to find it!! I mean the car insurance is much easier to sort than travel insurance it’s like they want to put you off travelling?

It will not be stopping me but it is infuriating to say the least. So the search continues… I sound like a right cheap skate though, I’ve just realised that as the most expensive deal I’ve come across so far is around £50 for the trip but even so, if I can save cash then I will. So consider this my plea for travel insurance to be made more transparent in what they offer and also make selection easier.

And for the sake of my sanity can everyone include repatriation in their insurance – for the love of god, if I select one that doesn’t I’m never going to hear the end of it if, woe betide something horrific does go wrong – but I have every faith that it won’t, even if I do keep getting told the apocalypse is upon us. But somehow I doubt that my death will be a forewarning of the end of the world!


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