Not long now… But what’s left to do?

So as the countdown continues it has dawned on me – am I ready?

I know all the paperwork is sorted, my passport and flights and things are done and dealt with. But there has got to be something I’ve forgotten to do/sort/figure out? I’m trying and trying but I cannot pin what it is!

As such I decided to concentrate on other things and so now I am being distracted by TV and my promotion documents, which if you ever have to fill them in are there as a way to put you off wanting to be promoted… seriously a 20 page document is not my idea of fun!

So then as a distraction from the distraction I then got highly absorbed into friday night television, yes I’m at home on a friday night but you know what I don’t care. I’ve got things to be saving for plus I’m not on my finest on a friday evening I’m all tired from work, which although it’s not overly strenuous on a friday I do find that as it’s the end of the week I’ve used all my energy up and need the friday night and sleep saturday morning lie in to get my wind back!

Anyway I’m rambling again. I’m mainly writing this as it’s been a while and I figure I may as well write something new as I’ve been getting so many views lately – I have to say I’m quite charmed by the reading of my ramblings. So thanks guys.

Right, back to figuring out what it is I’ve forgotten, only 131 days / 18 and a bit weeks / 4 and a bit months till I fly out now, time’s running out man…


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