3 months tomorrow till the big adventure!

Wow, it’s seriously only 3 months until I’m on my flight out to the USA. Scary or what, that seems to have flown over.

So that means I need to sort out my money, bank cards (in case of emergencies, which after the rig-ma-roll with the hotel room in Nova Scotia I think is pretty vital). I also need to finish figuring out the rental car and apply for a foreign driving permit from the Post Office and double check my car insurance with the insurance company and rental people.

I think otherwise I’m ok – I just have to negotiate what the heck to pack now… I’m assuming it will be nice and sunny though so shouldn’t need too much. The infamous camcorder is going with me, so expect loads of videos of wide open spaces and random singing in the car (warning to Melissa and Angela on that one he-he-he). And in only a few weeks it’ll be like a whole year since the Nova Scotia expedition. I watched the videos and looked over the old photo’s the other day reminiscing, and a lot has happened since then. It’s scary to realise just how short 12 months really is – One of the group moved to france, another is engaged,  I turned 25 and lord knows what else happened in-between.

Sadly I feel that after this big jolly to America I may not be able to have such extravagant trips anymore, but I’m sure I’ll find a way just not two in a row like this past year.

Oh well on rumbles life, the only thing I think that’s been consistent (for a change) in the last year has been my hair colour. Which is actually odd. I haven’t remained the same colour for more than a few months for a long time… Maybe it’s time for a change again?

3 months, 3 whole months till I’m on American soil, bring on the next round of good memories


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