Out came the sunshine…

It’s not very often that a nursery rhyme has such an apt way to describe the UK weather. Incy-Wincy was correct, although I have been led to believe that it’s more about perseverance and how if you keep trying you get where you want to be, but I think we’ve all been lead a merry dance. It’s about the weather!

We start off the year with a minging batch of snow and sleet and rain, yes it’s refreshing but then we crave the sunshine and would you believe it when your about ready to think we’ll never see a nice day again out comes the sunshine and dries up all the rain! I know it makes me feel better.

It’s been a lovely week this past week and having a nice weekend has made up for missing out on the sunshine from being stuck in work you would think – but no I’m working this weekend (sad face). Mind you it just ruins the morning not the afternoon so I can’t complain.

I think tomorrow I shall go take the pups down the river… I call them pups but they’re far from it now. They were microchipped by my own fair hand only last weekend, yes I am now officially licensed to microchip animals. Now I just have to invest in the equipment and buy some chips. I have my first order already but as they aren’t to be born for a few weeks I’m figuring I’ll wait until I get paid all my overtime at the end of the month before I invest. It won’t be a massive money spinner but it should keep some beer money in my pocket at least ha ha.

Once I have prices etc figured out I’ll publish them on here (what with all the views I’m getting I can’t see it doing any harm?)

Right I think I’ll go sort out the Ninja-pig and let the Boy out for a run about again. I really need to take some more pictures, he’s blooming HUGE now bless his cotton socks.



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