The Importance of a Good Title!

I learnt my lesson and so henceforth erased my post about the fated apocalypse. Seriously I was getting like at least 100 hits a day at times, it was crazy how one small comment made in the blogosphere could create such chaos.

So from now on I will be more delicate and think out my posts and their content more wisely. It was nice been popular for a little while but then it got a teeny bit intimidating. What was more scary was some of the comments I got but didn’t approve – there are some cRAzY people out there.

But anyway I’ll be more careful in future believe you me (what that means, lord knows – oops don’t discuss religion, don’t discuss religion). Anyway thank you to those who read and apologies to those I just offended by calling crazy. If it makes you feel any better surely I am the crazy one for writing down these weird and wonderful ramblings, am I not… and really – what is normal?

That is all

Thank you.


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