Time’s a ticking…

Well it’s getting nearer to adventure time, one more working test before I go and a few more weeks of work then off I fly! I’m going to have a Skype session with Miss Blemker some time before I go just to catch up and finalize bits and pieces but otherwise it’s all going to be played by ear.

The Northern Monkey is off to the USA. I think I’m in shock – I never thought I’d get to go to America so that’s another destination to tick off the bucket list. There’s still loads more places I need to visit before I die, namely Australia, Mexico and I’d like to see some of Asia, I say some of as I’ve not overly done any research but I’ve heard from friends who’ve been out there that it’s amazing. I don’t count Europe as places to visit as they’re kind of a given. I think really that covers the whole world bar the poles but my geography isn’t too good so that’s debatable ha ha.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the weather holds out for the working test this weekend, although they’ve been lucky with the weather every other weekend so I’m hoping a pattern is emerging. It’s new ground this time so I’ll remember to take my notepad to write down what happens and as promised I WILL remember to take photo’s or video’s if I get the chance. I wonder who’s running their dog’s this time?

Anyway I figured an update was in order as I’ve not posted for a long time. But when I’m away I will be updating as regularly as I can. Also it’s not long till Grouse season starts yay!



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