GRCN Working Test – Bilsdale (Chopgate)

Today we were sucked in by the glorious morning… only to be showered upon in the afternoon. The luck the GRCN had been having with the weather ran out. This weekend we had a Novice and an Open test; the Novice ran 5 tests while the Open only ran 4, but all in all spirits were high and everyone seemed to have a good day – the winners obviously more so than most!


  1. Mark up a steep incline in a wooded area
  2. Mark into meadow area over short wall into second field
  3. Blind to shot
  4. Blind in meadow area
  5. Double mark to shot (pick first drop first)

As I had the morning off from assisting (due to being slightly late – I had work commitments) I managed to observe all the novice tests. the ground at Bilsdale was very good as it had every type of ground, it seemed to challenge the dogs well. One of the only issues I think that some had with the ground (and that I know would be an issue with my boy) was that the sound of the whistles on the various tests carried well and added a distraction to the dogs. But this is something that happens and can only be accounted for by good handling. Note to self: Test the boy with this going on!!

There was a run off for the Novice between two of the dogs, but the Labrador pipped the Goldie to it leaving the placing’s as follows.

  1. Broadlaw Buck [FtCH Emmawood Drake x Broadlaw Maple] Labrador Dog
  2. Leacaz Liffy [Lowforge Aragon of Leacaz x Rimrock Redstart of Leacaz] Labrador Bitch
  3. Tweedshot Teddy of Twigvalemoor [Tasco Brimstone x Tweedshot Mango] Labrador Dog
  4. Patanavac Raven [FtCH Endacott Shelf x Patanavac Lagapus] Labrador Dog

Clearly a Labrador day!


During the open I was back to being a dummy runner so I only got to observe the one that I was running on, although I could just see the second from across the way.

This was a blind (with no shot) into thick bracken and rushes, which sounds simple but some where marking the test over the way and so were going down the hill towards the boundary instead of across the line ahead to the blind. There also was a distraction in the form of some decomposing animal that was in the growth higher up which seemed to have a pull for some dogs running. Overall though it seemed to wheedle out the best dogs and was a good test, however some crackers ran the test and were beautiful to watch in action.

The placing’s were after a run off, in which the three dogs had to pick a blind over a mark. The blind however was over a little dip (valley? whatever you want to call it) and the mark was on top of the hill. A Goldie and two lab’s were in the run off, and only two dogs successfully picked the blind and avoided the mark. Which left the placing’s as follows:

  1. Woodsprite Loki [Misty Mountain Thor of Woodsprite x Wellinely Witch Hazel of Woodsprite] Labrador Dog
  2. Holywear Gorse [Dukes Wood x Birdsgreen Amazing Agatha of Holywear] Golden Dog
  3. Cynminfa Jenny [FtCH Levenghyll Peacock x Ropehall Poppie of Cynminfa] Labrador Bitch
  4. FtCH Garronpoint Liffey [FtCH Willowyck Ruff x FtCH Garronpoint Little Dove] Labrador Bitch

So congratulations to the winners and well done to all who ran, thanks again for a great day out and see you again in July!

Also for all who may be interested at the Raby Game Fair (link below) the GRCN are running a non-KC regulated working test so any dog can enter (even those of us with the Heinz 57 gundogs!) and also they are looking for teams to enter as well. I would enter my boy but I’m in the USA on those dates so I’ll miss out on that one but if they get plenty of interest you never know they may run it again next year!


PS Apologies if any of the dog’s registered names are incorrect, I Google as many of them as possible to double check the spelling is correct but sometimes errors are made.

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