We don’t want your business…

House hunting – Now I may be going off the wall a little bit here, but surely an estate agent’s purpose is to sell a house to a buyer. In my most recent experience with an estate agency that shall for now at least remain nameless (unless they annoy me just enough to name and shame them) was just downright rude.

They contacted my home and spoke to my Mother to organise a viewing and were just rude and vicious to her when they found that I was working the day I wanted the viewing, clearly they didn’t get that I only work the morning and I live at least a half hour away from the property, it’s called being economical you Ass!

Then upon arranging the viewing and turning up before the agreed upon time (seen as she was so bloody twisty about it) we rang the main office to see when the agent would arrive. There was no agent, she’d called in sick and they hadn’t even had the decency to contact me to say they would NOT be coming out to show me around and that was it – I lost my rag!

Upon getting home I found out they had tried to contact me about another property that didn’t even fit the same requirements as the one they wouldn’t show me around, so some poor lad who knew nothing of the whole debarcle got it in the neck and suffice to say I will not be dealing with them ever again.

YOU ARE TRYING TO SELL A PROPERTY, IT’S YOUR JOB! Stop making out like it’s more than your jobs worth, it is your bloody job. Get the stick out of your arse and earn your money, the property market isn’t doing well at the moment so you’d think they’d be snapping up buyers to get sales but no. It’s clearly an inconvenience!

If you can’t tell I’m annoyed.

Rant over.


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