How I heart thee “generic music player”….

Well this evening was one filled with reminiscing and randomness. Firstly my Mam’s birthday present arrived today, and due to an oversight of either mine or the companies she figured out what it was… this came mainly from the fact the box stated what was inside! Which is something I’ve never come across before but even if it was a whole day early from her response it seems like it went down well. So if you want a teacup and saucer plant pot, look here –

Anyway Happy Birthday for tomorrow Mam!

On to the reminiscing, as usual I set away my laptop and put my “generic music player” on but tonight as I felt a bit random I pressed shuffle on my whole collection and boy has it been a ride. From Funeral for a Friend to Glee to a bit of Feargal Sharkey and some good old Frank Sinatra (that I didn’t even know I had), it’s been quite amusing… of the 2808 songs I have I think I only listen on a regular basis to like 10-20% but it’s nice to have a good shuffle up.

The funniest thing is that as many songs as I own most of them bring back vivid memories to specific times of my life, it’s funny how memories work isn’t it? The best part was as I own random movie soundtracks one of which being the Reservoir Dogs soundtrack I had a random intermittent of the Madonna speech by Mr Tarantino, or God as he’s more commonly known!

Ironically as I write this Little Green Bag has just come on… Keep on Truckin’

I think somehow my music collection has gone slightly mad though – seriously if anybody wanted to analyse me for my musical taste they’d think I’d lost my marbles I can quite happily be bopping along to some pop classic such as ABBA and then in a flash be happily jumping around to some Marilyn Manson. I think although I was born in the 80’s my tastes span obscure and wonderful decades and boy has the music seen some horrific fashion along the way… (mind wandering) …

Anyway, as a warning to Angela and Melissa you better be prepared for the horrific singing along and random musical taste as it’s coming with me to America, see you in 2 weeks ladies!

…and to finish the evening a little bit of Madness, goodnight all!


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