Flight Info – Check, Passport – Check, Brain – Check?

Well I’m now on the last leg of waiting. It’s days now till I fly and good golly gosh am I excited.

I packed yesterday, but am going to have to re-pack tonight now I think – you know when you think you need everything but the kitchen sink, well it looks like I even packed that and I’m trying to travel light! I’ve finished printing all my travel documents. I’m checking in online on Wednesday morning so that makes life easier.

You’d seriously think I wasn’t going on such an adventure I mean I’m literally going on a proper mission but I think because I’m going to stay with Melissa and Angela I feel like I’m just popping over to stay with friends for a few weeks – When actually I’m flying for about 9-10 hours and going halfway across the world. Funny how my brain works – when it is working…

Our most recent itinerary is as follows so for all those who follow my adventures it’ll give you a rough idea of the mission ahead!

6th – Arrive in Seattle, go see a show

7th – Sightseeing; Pike place Market, Ride the Duck(?), Space Needle (woot), EMP Music Museum, Bananagrams (again ?)

8th – GasWorks Park, Green Lake, Kayaking on Lake Union – Eat Mexican at Agua Verde, karaoke on Capitol Hill (singing, me, this will be believed if it happens, although I think the whole of Seattle will be killed by my beautiful tones)

9th -10th – San Juan Islands, ride mopeds and watch orcas

11th – Mt St Helen’s

12th – Chill day

13th – Drive to Lincoln City (5 hours)

14th – Drive to Crescent City (6.5 hours) See Redwood Forest

15th – Drive to Sacramento (6.5 hours)

16th – Drive to Long Beach

17th – Los Angeles; Runyon Canyon, Walk of Fame and other various sights

18th – Pacifica – The Ultimate SF tour including such fantastic sights as The GoldenGate Bridge, Lombard St., Palace of Fine Arts, Twin Peaks, Haight/Ashbury… Then baseball game ~ Giants vs Dodgers!

19th – NAPA wine tour

20th – Museums Academy of Sciences/DeYoung, Legion of Honor, or MOMA… followed by “Beach Blanket Babylon” & North Beach

21st – Trip  Santa Cruz, Monterey, or Mt.Tam/Sausalito/Tiburon

22nd – More museums, more city, or more road trippin’  (see how we’re feelin’)

23rd – Fly Home

24th – Arrive home (minus volcanic ash interuption or other such events!)

So all in all a hell of a trip although I know a lot of the above has been adjusted for various reasons but it’s nice to have a rough idea of the visit. I’ll be updating daily and posting photos to my Photobucket so hopefully you can join us on our adventure. It’s nicely acquired the name the USMAC (United States – Melissa, Angela, Claire) West Coast Takeover Tour 2011 – we should totally get t-shirts!!

And for those who were with us last year in Nova Scotia I’m wearing my Earthwatch shirt on the flight over, you know, just in case they don’t recognise me at the airport. Plus I look like I’m on a field trip ha ha!!

Right I think this will be my final update before I travel so I wish you all a happy 4th of July, oh and Happy birthday to Tweed and his siblings for the 4th and 5th. A whole year since they came into this world 365 days, as if my little pup is a pup no more.


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