The Migrant’s Journey

Ok so I’m waiting in the departure lounge at Newcastle airport… This feels familiar! 21 minutes till they open the gate for my flight and basically there are only so many times you can be attacked by the perfume sellers and the random person who decides I look like I need a credit card to consolidate my debt – I’m sorry but if I had debts I wouldn’t be going on holiday, maybe she should find a more appropriate place to stand?

Next stop Heathrow Terminal 5 to find my way to flight connections, then off for my final flight to Seattle. Oh and for those of you who may be concerned I’m feeling much perkier, but whether the airplane food agrees with my condition or not is another matter!

I’ve bought a book to keep me entertained about some serial killer from Florence who is somehow connected to the Meredith Kercher murder… So I’ll review that once I finish it for those who may be interested. Although it may be a bit weird to review a true story, it’s like giving the actual murderer a rating out of 5 for effort and originality. Morbid!

Right back to people watching and waiting for flight 1 of 2.

I made it to Heathrow, minor turbulence and a lot of fluffy clouds later! Now I just have to wait till 13:50 to find out which area of the immense terminal 5 I have to be (I’m in A now but I could end up anywhere). You’d think they’d at least tell you which part of the terminal you have to be in advance because its huginormous, gigantastic I mean there are 2 mini harrods’ here – it’s practically a metro centre (nice northern reference there).

So I wait! But as I flew over London I spotted various stadiums, the O2 arena and the big wheelie thing and the gherkin doodad on canary wharf, so at least I can say I’ve seen a bit of that today. I feel sorry for the poor buggers who live right under the flight path though… It must be a nightmare to sleep underneath that noise.

Right 10 minutes till I commence mission 2.1 Find my flight Gate! I will update once I arrive on tge final questions did I get food provided and did I have any annoying snoring people behind me this time!

At gate B32, small tube journey and massive escalator stroll. But good god is Heathrow huge, Charles de Gaulle last year is nothing in comparison… It’s scary how much space in the world is taken up with airports. Wow, says the small town girl in the big world!

05:58 (UK) 11:00 (USA)
Ok so I arrived just after half 4 and made it through immigration and was welcomed at the entrance by 2 crazy people in Earthwatch t-shirts!

My second flight was fine but Jesus was I exhausted when I arrived I think I looked dead. The entertainment on the flight was fine I watched limitless, red riding hood and then was amused by the people watching.

I’ll set the scene for you – A mother and her 2 children were sat in front mother in the aisle, youngest kid in the middle (say 4/5), eldest child in the window seat (around 6/7).

Anyway she was watching a film with Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman who had sex intermittently throughout the film, so to protect her child she would shield the screen from his eyes… Little did she know her other kid in the window seat, he was watching the same film and was rewinding the sex scenes to re-watch them. After about 10-20 minutes she realised, then instead of making him turn off the film because he was clearly underage she made him block the screen from the middle seat child!! Random parenting lesson there guys, it’s fine if they start watching it and you haven’t noticed. But on a more serious note, maybe airplanes should invest in some age restriction doodad?

Anyway, I didn’t eat just drank lots of fluids. We had a catch up while I kind of died slowly and in the morning I’ll be fresh for what the day brings…

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