Day 1: Pedicure virginity lost, Maltby City lunch and Redhook Beer…

Ok guys, so today I lost my pedicure virginity. And I have nicely teal painted toenails… Good god was I ticklish! But that was a nice way to start the day, post Angela’s yummy breakfast.

Then off we went to Maltby city. Now for those of us in the UK city may seem a bit of a stretch, it was smaller than Frosterley… But that’s what the sign said? Anyway, we had lunch which was nice at the Maltby Cafe which was a cute cafe and the food was nice but I think I’m still a bit jet-lagged as I couldn’t eat it all.

At which point we went to Redhook brewery for a “tour” now the tour involved $1 a lot of beer samples but not so much touring. But it was very entertaining. I’d recommend the Pilsner which was my favourite or the EBA which was second runner.

Then we went to look at Chateau St Michele winery but we missed the tour and we get to do the Napa valley wines next week so wine will be then.

Tonight we’re off to play bananagrams at the Pub with Angela’s friends so a bit of a beer day. And Zumba tomorrow night??? For those of you who acknowledge my lack of coordination you’ll find this fact highly amusing… If I survive I’ll re-post tomorrow.

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