Day 2: Gas Works Park whilst riding a Duck.. Not as crazy as it sounds…

This morning Melissa and Angela went to Zumba. I however took the option of having a lie in. But after they got back from their energetic stint at the class we had a quick breakfast then took Lulu (Angela’s dog) out to Gas Works park for a run.

As weird as it’s name suggests, that’s what it actually is/was. The park is based around an old gas works which still stands but is obsolete. I have taken pictures and will upload them when I get a chance. We played fetch with Lulu for a bit and took some pictures of the city then went for lunch.

We went to a store called REI (like Millets but on a massive scale), which was kinda cool and had lunch at the cafe in there called world wraps. It was the first meal I’ve had since I arrived that I didn’t bring the majority of it back in a box. I’m having issues with portion size and eating times out here, I think it’s possibly left over jet lag… Or the plates are literally huge?

Anyway lunch was had but then the main mission of the day commenced. We went to ride the duck. This is not a crazy statement, they are an amphibious car that were built during the war(?) to aid troops, but they were slow and inefficient so some crazy fool decided to use them to tour around cities in the US. This was fun, we saw all around the ports and the city and got to go into the lake. We didn’t sink and found out random facts on the city like the fact it burnt down, and that there is a whole city underneath what we see today which can be explored in another tour. To me it sounded like Futurama, you know the whole New New York, Old New York… If not google it. But let’s hope underground Seattle doesn’t have mutants living there. Again you need to Google Futurama for that one.

So yeah, Ducks was fun – took photos, and then went to see the Space Needle. But it’s really expensive to go up in so we just looked at it from below. It’s impressive but odd. Like someone designed a spaceship then got bored when they couldn’t make it fly so they stuck it on a tower to make it look like it had a purpose, you know, or like an alien mothership got lost on the way to its home planet so landed for refuelling but liked it so much they decided to stay, and set up a restaurant. We were also near to the EMP museum which is an impressive bit of architecture but we’re going to look in that another day they currently have a big Nirvana exhibition on in there which sounds cool.

So now we’re resting after ice cream then going out to see a Cabaret show.

Update again tomorrow!

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