Day 3: I’m on a Boat

So after the Cabaret at Can Can, which was Awesome we went to the Hard Rock for tea… This late tea and alcohol consumption plus late night nattering and putting the world to rights made us a little bit late for our excursion. By like literally minutes, but when your catching a Ferry that kind of makes all the difference.

Anyway we missed the one we were aiming to get on so we popped into Anacortese for breakfast. It’s a cute little town that looks like the classic American town – well from my movie experiences anyway, although as most of my movie experiences are ones with Psycho killers, deadly viruses or crazy corn possessed children I could be mislead. Note: I am in no way, shape or form saying that Anacortese is any of the above, that’s merely my only comparison. I think it’s a cute town.

Breakfast was good, the second meal I’ve finished this whole trip… Toast and Jam, but really, really good Jam! It was proper strawberry Jam with actual strawberries in it.

To fill in time till the next Ferry we went for a look around. It’s got loads of arts and crafty like shops and is mostly touristy and randomly has a really big toy shop, but it wasn’t a chain like Toys ‘r’ Us, it was a proper toy shop. So we had a look in there.

We made it to the second ferry in good time and made our way through the San Juan islands. It’s so picturesque, Angela describes it as living in a Postcard and she isn’t far wrong. It’s stunning, we had the Olympic Mountain range poking through in the distance at one side, Canada on the other and the most calm sea it looked like you could do the Jesus thing and walk on it.

The ferry journey was an hour and we reached Friday harbour on San Juan island (there are other islands available we just went to this one specifically) at lunchtime. So we went for fish and chips at the place that claimed to be the best in the world or something along those lines and it was good, although I do like my chips a bit chunkier.

Orca spotting was next on the agenda, although sadly we didn’t see any. We went on the bus to the Coastal park to spot them, Melissa tried to escape from the bus. She was sat in front of the emergency exit and kept pushing it to keep it open for air and set an alarm off with the driver. The window is meant to fall out so if he’d known how hard she kept pushing it I’d be getting it checked coz’ the bugger wouldn’t fall in an emergency in my opinion! So after much giggling about that we walked to the lighthouse to spot Whales, and as I said we didn’t see any but I did get some photos of Canada and we saw Floyd the Sea Lion bobbing about. I got a little burnt by the sun, so I now have a lovely bag strap tan line.

After getting back into Friday harbour we had a look around the shops fir the Lavender farm and the other little industries on the island we waited and had a beer until the ferry to go back turned up. We had on board entertainment in the form of some kids doing gymnastics and trying to breakdance while on the boat, randomly. And we kept ourselves amused with some Moustaches we’d bought earlier in the day.

In order to show me more of the stunning beauty Washington state has to offer Angela drove us to Deception Pass. It’s the most stunning view ever, it’s a bridge over a stretch of water (I think it was an estuary, but I may be wrong) and the drop us incredible with evergreens surrounding and then just open water ahead. It was staggering!

After that I don’t remember much I promptly fell asleep on the car ride home, I blame the early start (7:00, we set off on our way home at 9:30ish) and the sun.

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