Day 4: Taches on

Ok so today was crazy full – this morning we did Breakfast, not the artery clogging typical American… Sorry United States, not American as American is not a nationality for citizens of the US – private joke… Breakfast but still a damn good breakfast. We had cherry mimosas (a pitcher of, we keep it classy man) and French Toast which was yummy, and yes yet again I needed a take-home box.

After breakfast we went to see the Troll, yes a Troll on our way to the Market. He lives under the bridge in Fremont, he’s an art project in the area and is randomly holding a VW Beetle? Both him and the statue of Lenin, yes that Russian guy, are probably the most random ones in Seattle. But they are interesting to say the least. Fremont Market is an eclectic mix of a flea Market and craft or high end goods, a few of the stalls stood out in particular and I’ll add there websites when I get a chance but there stuff is really really cute!

The Burke Museum (part of The university of Washington) has a Wolf exhibit on at the moment so we went to take a look-see at that, and for $10 it was a good find. The exhibits were really cool considering the small space and the wolves they had on display were stunning. A random fact; only 50 Mexican wolves still roam the US and they are practically extinct, their gene-pool is so narrow they have interbred in the wild with coyotes, their natural enemies in order to breed and populate.

Post museum we went to Volunteer park to get some good views of the space needle, we climbed the water tower (107 steps) to get a good look and jeez was it pretty – 360 degree views!

Dinner was at a place called Agua Verde, so true to form I ordered an appetiser and again couldn’t finish it!! But after the quick meal we went for our evenings entertainment at the Rock Box… For those who don’t know this is a bar where you book a room with your friends and sing your little Karaoke heart out. After a bit of Dutch courage (which Melissa and Angela didn’t need) we were singing our little hearts out. Or on my case wailing the country barrier for song options was a little more random than I imagined, they didn’t know Queens I want to break free. This was selected by me due to our hip cool new glasses and Moustache ensembles!! (pictures will be coming I promise) but as they didn’t know it, it kind of fell flat. We finished up with a bit of Journey, which seemed to go down well with us all.

Somehow I think my karaoke voice may not be making regular appearances, but that could be a good thing. The world will be a happier place me thinks!

Today is the last day in Seattle so the road trip planning will be set in stone by tonight. Phase 2 of USMAC 2011 will begin on the 12th….

3 thoughts on “Day 4: Taches on

  1. 2 edits for the book: It’s University of Washington (Washington University exists but is in another state –go figure!) and it’s 50 Mexican wolves rather than Red. Can’t wait to read about your first stint with sushi and Shadow, my new wolf pet who I allow Wolf Haven to board. (I’m so kind)

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