Day 5: Dances with Wolves and Dinner with Fish

This morning we dropped Melissa at the airport for the second leg of her journey until we meet again in Pacifica. Her flight unbeknown to us all was delayed, otherwise she probably could have come with us to today’s final Seattle based adventure: Wolf Haven

Due to Angela finding out I loved wolves yesterday she found a wolf sanctuary for us to visit – so we ditched the EMP (a perfect excuse to come back and visit) and travelled down the road to see the wolves. Wolf haven is a sanctuary, but they do breed the rarer species and have a release programme they run. They are totally volunteer run and take in wolves that have been kept as pets by the weird people who don’t get that they are WILD animals, and do what they can to allow them to live out there lives (yes in captivity) but as close as they can to a normal life.

Angela was very taken with one of the youngsters called Shadow. So much so that she has claimed him as a pet! He was very cute and had a fetching scar on his face after he’d had a scuffle with his colleague over a dead chicken. They feed what we would consider the BARF diet, but what they would know as a natural diet. So cow and chicken carcasses, and road kill with a little bit of dog food just to top it up. Only one of the wolves looked fat tge rest were lean and natural looking… And Nat (yes you miss cook) they provide enrichment to all the wolves and they all looked pretty content and chilled out. They also have a couple of coyotes, one has only one eye as he had to have it removed after an accident.

Anyway after the cuteness of the wolves we had planning to do so we headed back into Seattle and got to work booking the car and motels on the way to California! Phase two is ready to begin!

For tea we had Sushi, yes, I, ME! I ate raw fish. Most of it was rolls and stuff but I had some raw salmon stuff and it wasn’t as bad as I thought although I loved the tempura vegetables. I would eat it again, but I did find it awfully filling. But further to that I managed to eat with chopsticks, I was so proud I even kept the chopsticks much to Josh and Angela’s disgust… I can eat like a pro with the chopsticks now although from Angela’s photographs it looks a little like the evolution of Tool-Age man.

Next stop, Lincoln City!

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