Day 6: Road Trip (Seattle – Lincoln City)

Well yesterday was eventful!

We picked up the car at 7:30 courtesy of a lift from Josh. It’s a Toyota Corolla with an upgrade of a Sat Nav (they didn’t have the one we requested so free upgrade!)

After some nit picking about small scratches and dints so I don’t get charged extra at the other end we headed back to Angela’s to get packed up. She drove the first stint in the city, as we figured it’d be waaaay too confusing. But then it was my turn…

Automatics are weird – a few times I reached down to my left hand side to change gear and my left leg felt redundant. But I successfully drove us to Mt St Helens, or what we thought was the observatory for it. We were wrong, so we took in the views and drove back down to I-5 to go back up to where we needed to be. Then the heavens opened, and boy did they open. It was a bit hairy for me for a bit as so much was different but we made it through to where we needed to be to find it had closed, 5 minutes ago! So we decided I wasn’t supposed to see the crater etc and moseyed on back down the I-5 to Lincoln city.

I did have to drive through a small bit of city to connect to the next road, and found Americans drive oddly. The signs just appear at the junction with little warning and nobody seems to use the lanes as we would in the UK. The slow lane was empty, the middle lane would be full of lorries and the fast lane had everyone weaving in and out of it. It’s the same on the I-5 but in the city it seemed to be like that on a scarier scale. But we made it out the other side to a Dairy Queen.

Apparently Dairy Queen or DQ is a fast-food institution here in the US. And it was good but again big portions!! I think my stomach is the size of a gnat, seriously, and I have a big appetite in the UK?

Anyway we made it past the correctional facility, which looked a bit posh. And to Lincoln city. The motel is cute and right on the beach front. We went to a local “dive” bar for a drink, before crashing for the night. It was empty but some interesting characters came in while we sat. We were treated to the film small soldiers, which was a bit random. But it was cheap and cheerful with obscure decor and a lot of pool tables.

This morning we do breakfast get “Gas” and then start leg 2 of phase 2 of the trip, down the coast to Crescent city… Then tomorrow we drive to Grants pass then down to Sacramento (this seems backwards but I want to see the Redwoods).

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