Day 7: Road Trip (Lincoln City – Hiouchi)

Today’s adventure along the Oregon coastline began with a pancake breakfast at Pig n Pancake. They’re a chain that is only in Oregon state but god do they do good pancakes! It filled us up for most of the day.

Our travels took us on a nice relaxed adventure following the 101 down to our destination near Crescent city. We’re only 15 minutes or so from it in Hiouchi.

On our way we dropped into nearly all the small towns for a look at something, from getting salt water taffy to looking around the gift shops. But mostly to look at and take photos of the coast. The highlight of the day though was the sea lion cave which was brilliant and random, we kind of just stumbled on it on the roadside. It’s the largest cave in the world and it’s home to a massive colony of Stellar sea lions who have been observed in the cave and surrounding coast for many years. To get down to the cave you take a lift which took a while to install, as initially it looked like it was accessed by a series of walkways. It did smell a little but if your looking at a species that’s diet consists of fish it’s going to smell!

We also passed a Safari park and some Dinosaurs, caught a local Market. Again, random… We missed out on seeing the safari park because we just plain didn’t know about it!

So now we’re at Hiouchi watching kill bill vol. 2 while planning the route through the redwoods to Sacramento tomorrow. I say we, I mean Angela as I don’t really know the area. But I would totally recommend doing Oregon to anybody it’s gorgeous and there are loads of camping grounds with wifi!

Right early, early start tomorrow long drive and lots to see. We’ve got to drive to a schedule tomorrow – today was so leisurely we ran a teensy bit later than planned.

2 thoughts on “Day 7: Road Trip (Lincoln City – Hiouchi)

  1. will your clothes still fit by the time you get back, your doing some eating on this trip! 😉
    Have you not scared Angela half to death with your driving yet????

    1. Although I’m eating, I hardly ever finish anything… Portions are waaay too big out here.

      We’re eating less on the road trip section!

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