Day 8: Road Trip (Hiouchi – Sacramento)

Hiouchi is a hip hop and happening place, it’s got a Gas station, a Motel, a Cafe and a Wood Carver and that’s pretty much it. We had breakfast at the cafe and then headed off to explore the Redwoods.

We dropped in at a place called Trees of Mystery but upon arriving found out it would take longer than anticipated and it was going to cost us… So we roamed around the gift shop, met Bigfoot and got freaked out by the massive talking Paul Bunyan statue. We thought it was pre-recorded, but he spoke to us as we left.

We twisted and turned our way through the redwood highway and drove through a redwood tree, it’s not as crazy as it sounds we really did it. I’ve got photographic evidence! We dropped in to see Big tree… But we think maybe we should have dropped in to see it before we wandered around the other trails in Prairie Creek State Park, it was a little bit of a let down. I think they need to do a re-measure, he didn’t look so big to me. We saw some Elk in the park – again I took photos.

We then continued our drive down the 101 to connect to I-5 and meandered through the mountains and small connecting pioneer towns (we even saw a ghost town, or remaining sections of one).

We arrived in Sacramento around 7:00 and got to our hotel, it’s randomly decorated and quite funky looking, although it looks like we’re the only ones here? And good lord is it hot down here. We went out for dinner with Josh’s cousin Dave his wife Shauna and daughter Madeline who showed us round the old town and took us to a stunning restaurant called Cafeteria, it’s a massive space with a huge deck and patio and I ate all if my ‘deconstructed’ chicken pot pie! So that’s what 3 meals the whole trip?

The old town in Sacramento looks like the kind of places you see in westerns it’s even got one of the old Steam boats docked in the Sacramento river. The other river in the area is called the American river, I think they had an off day when coming up with names!

So I’m now in the area where Terminator was governor… Crazy!

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