Day 9: Road Trip (Sacramento – Long Beach)

Well Southern California is totally different to Oregon and Washington, it’s hot, a little deserty looking and my god is it hot. So you catch my drift…

The drive down was about 6 and a half hours, and we only hit traffic on one section of the 405. But on the way we literally flew as we wanted to beat the 405’s road closures between certain junctions. We did stop for some drinks and gas but most of the sightseeing was from the window and when we did want to stop for photos there was no where to go!

I did however discover the other night that Newcastle brown ale is sold here in America! Which I found incredibly random so I had a couple of them with my dinner. We are staying with Josh’s Mam and Grandma for the next 2 days in Long Beach, they have a pool and the house is huge! But anyway we arrived around 7:00 had a chinwag and then Angela and me went out for dinner at a Lebanese place where they sold what looks like a Donner Kebab but with real meat not remains sprayed off carcasses and moulded into a generic meat… It was yummy.

So we’ve now planned the LA tour and are heading out in a while to go start that adventure!

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