Day 10: Road Trip (LA in a Day – Santa Monica Pier, Runyon Canyon, Beverley Hills, Hollywood Blvd)

Santa Monica Pier was the first stop on this whistle stop adventure of southern California. I got my picture taken Forrest Gump style outside of Bubba Gump Shrimp co. Yes it is a real restaurant chain it was created after the movie was made. I was a total tourist, I was stunned by everything I saw that day!

I went up on the ferris wheel (you’ll know it from nearly every movie that has a ferris wheel, in fact I think the whole pier has been used for a lot of scenes). And bonus we saw dolphins playing in the ocean! Soooo cute and if we’d not gone up we’d never have seen them.

I ate a corn-dog, we have to get these in the UK they’re well nice – I’d bring some back if I had a bigger case!

We also went for a stroll along the beach front in Santa Monica and took in the sand, sun and sea. We saw a surf competition and loads a tanned and toned people, it’s like everyones main aim is to look good! I totally wouldn’t fit in here…

We drove up the various streets that you’ll all know and love up to Runyon Canyon. The views from that place are amazing, hazy through the LA smog but amazing. I saw the Hollywood sign, and some stunning houses and pools, clearly houses of the rich and fabulous.

Our last stop of the day was Grauman’s Chinese Theatre and the walk of fame. It’s packed down there, tourist central and difficult to get around in but I saw various peoples stars and handprints along the way.

A packed day, but we did the most important things to me! LA is a sight to behold…

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