Day 11: Road Trip – Last leg (Long Beach, Malibu, Pacifica)

So after a nice stay in LA and Long Beach we had a nice chilled breakfast then set ourselves on our last leg if the great pilgrimage… It’s been amazing driving the country I’d recommend it to anyone the west coast is stunning and has so much to offer and it’s not as expensive as you might think. I’d come back in a heartbeat.

To finish our journey we travelled the scenic route so I could see Malibu. Now I could totally live in Malibu, it’s gorgeous, we stopped for fish and chips at a beachside restaurant where apparently the biker community hangs out. Saw some nice choppers and stunning Harley’s.

The drive felt longer than the others because we’d (by that really I mean I) had a day off from driving by stopping at Josh’s families house for 2 nights. Although Angela did have to drive the streets of LA for us.

I returned the rental car this morning at the airport. My first solo drive as Angela needed to catch up on some Zzz’s. I survived but yeah I need more practice at this driving abroad thing! So I said goodbye to the Toyota Corrolla handed in the keys and jumped into Melissa’s Scion back to Pacifica.

As I write this I’m looking out across the ocean from Melissa’s deck in Pacifica with a cup of tea in one hand. This is the life!

Ps – Thank you to Josh’s family for making me feel so welcome.

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