Day 12: Breakfast at Tiffanys and a night with the BFG’s

Well, well, well San Francisco is a sight – That’s a positive statement!

We started off the tour today courtesy of Melissa with a nice view of the city from one of the higher points it’s very different from the other big cities I’ve been into on my travels. The Bay and Golden Gate bridges to me are stunning although I’ve been told Bay bridge is ugly, and that’s coming from a local.

We were lucky with the mornings weather as the infamous San Francisco fog held itself at bay long enough for us to make the most of the glorious sunshine for our walkabout. We looked around downtown, Chinatown and the posh bits if the city alongside the older parts which look to have a lot of culture to offer. We went into Tiffanys and I marvelled at the shiny shiny things… Ah to be rich!

In the afternoon we went to pier 39 the more touristy pier to take in all that it had to offer. I got some photos of Alcatraz, and fingers crossed I may get to go on a tour but if not it can go on the list for next time! So we ambled around and had some lunch at a nice restaurant which offered mostly crab, so I had Sand Dabs (a White fish) with cous cous.

After a pleasant adventure we headed back and got changed (bundled up more like) and then went to the Giants vs Dodgers game at the AT&T stadium in San Francisco. I got a foam finger!

I followed it relatively well, we saw a home run a double out and all the fun in-between. Giants (the home team) won, which was nice. But we did find out on the way home that apparently the Dodgers are going into liquidation? So that’s a sad end to the rivalry they are famous for.

Tomorrow is Napa valley wine tour day, so got to get rested up for that one. Then there are only 3.5 days until the journey home, so lots to fit in, in not so much time… It’s flown over so quickly and yet we’ve done so much so far. It’ll be odd being back at work on Monday morning!

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