Day 13: Valley of the Grapes

Napa time baby! Today was the day for the wine… And boy did we try a lot of wine.

First off was Mumm where we tried that Carlos Santana “champagne” which I’m sure any fans of The Lonely Island will love. And it’s goooooood! We tried 6 sparkling wines there and had a look around the art gallery.

Then we popped into frogs leap (not stags leap) and sampled their wares they supplied some good cheese and fruit. We also played a game of corn hole… Don’t ask it’s a weird ass game! But I rocked it!!

Third stop was our picnic lunch made by Melissa at Rutherford Grove where again we sampled a few good grape juices and some good chocolate wine sauces. The sun today was toasty hot, it was into the high 80’s at some points. So lunch outside on the grass was ideal. It was a very classy day, but the best was yet to come.

Our final stop was at Terra Valentine. This was where Diane (one if Melissa’s friends) who came along on the trip to Napa, had a cousin who worked. So we totally got VIP treatment. The vineyard is bookings only normally for tastings and is a relatively small winery in comparison to some in the valley. They do damn good grape juice! It was the best all day, there reds were beautiful.

After the wine adventure we went for dinner at a local restaurant called Farmsteads where the food was amazing. The restaurant was pretty cute to look at too. I’d go back in an instant. All (or at least as much as they can) of their produce is home grown in their gardens or bought in from local sources.

So all in all a fun day was had. We gad a pretty rock star day in the middle of wine country. Out of the 400+ vineyards I think the ones we did made the day special. Everyone of them was good but the private tasting and tour were the best!

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