Day 14: Taking in the local culture…

A chilled day was had (minus parking drama) this morning was Crepes and a manicure for me and pedicures (again) for the girls. The manicurist commented on my dodgy nail!

Then we went to hit the museums, but we hit them on free Wednesday. The queue was immense we’d have been in it for like an hour at least just to get in. So we headed to see the golden gate bridge while the fog wasn’t surrounding it. We walked so far along it to take in the views. Its a pretty impressive view, and structure. Crazy tall too.

The evening consisted of a meal at the Stinking Rose a garlic based restaurant. Boy did we stink afterwards. The final instalment for the day was beach blanket babylon, an amazing cabaret/theatre show which is immense. Highly recommended just for the wigs and hats alone – A very pleasant surprise from Melissa the tour guide!

So because the night was still young we hit the yokel bar near Melissa’s pad, Winters bar. It was karaoke night so you know that the girls were going to sing. A very varied crowd was on the mike. We had hip hop, easy listening, rock and country, and even back up dancing! After a few Newcastle Brown Ales the night was a treat just like being in Stanhope but with Americans not Weardaliens.

We’re rolling through to Angela’s last day now. She flies on Friday back to Seattle.

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