Day 15: Big fish, Little fish, Cardboard box

After all the merriment and frivolity of last night we had a pretty chilled day today. We got up quite early considering, and headed off to Monterey to go to the aquarium. This was straight after heading to the place where the most amazing bagels are made. Nom, nom, nom!

Monterey is a seaside town which used to be the place to tin sardines. You can tell from the structure of some of the buildings (and from their names) they were the old canneries. It’s like any typical seaside town but it’s got an Aquarium to die for. It’s huge!

It’s got all the local species within and has a great concept to educate on what’s sustainable within local and national regions (it may just be US based, I need to check that but they have a great iPod app, as tested by Angela). Their tanks are pretty impressive and I got to touch a Ray fish in one of the pools which was really cool.

The best features for me were the jellyfish and the seahorse exhibit they were amazing, they even had the development cycles of the species and had some really awesome displays of the animals in their egg sacs!! I’ve got pictures and video footage it’s unreal!

We hit the gift shop and had a mosey around town afterwards. We were in the aquarium for like 3 hours or something there was so much to see. We had planned on going kayaking afterwards but due to the infamous fog and the fact we were running later than planned after lunch we decided to cancel. Yet again I failed to finish the meal, so I brought yet another box back of food!

We returned back and promptly vegetated, I’d fallen asleep on the car journey home already so it’s safe to say I was exhausted. We watched Rango which is potentially the most random children’s film of all time. And now I’m just blogging and watching Angela pack up her stuff. It’ll just be Melissa and me from tomorrow morning and we’re hoping to go the science museum after the queuing saga the other day. Damn freebies! Ha ha

And on Saturday once I pack(?!) we may head out to see Melissa’s friend Diane for a quick hike before I have to hit the airport but it all depends on time. I hope we can but we’ll see if it figures out logistically. I’m dreading packing!! It’s the worst part.

It’s being an amazing trip and I’d do it all again in an instant but it helps that I’m in good company otherwise I’d not get to do or even know about half the stuff I’ve seen. I’m getting nostalgic and it isn’t even over yet…

Better start planning USMAC 2012/13 in the coming months (he he he)

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