Jet Lag… Arghhhhhh

Grrrrr I’ve been back a week nearly now (sad face, I miss my adventure compadres) and I haven’t had a good nights sleep since I returned!

I’m blaming Jet Lag but maybe my body is fighting against this non-air filled bed, because they were really comfy – No I’m being serious they were ace! I’m exhausted but can’t sleep it’s 00:12 now, I had a nap but now I’m wide awake. It’s so frustrating.

So to help me sleep I’m listening to my iPod… I doubt 30 seconds to mars is a good lullaby, but we’ll see? It beats counting sheep and I’ve got plenty of them to count out my window.

Back to normal in every other aspect but not in sleep. My eating is now back to normal, as in I can finish my food (now the portion sizes are smaller). Back to normal at work, but in order to function I need my sleep – God Damn It!!

Ok rant over, now to be soothed to sleep by the dulcet tones of Mr Leto, I’ll be sure to let you know if it’s successful.

Note: Not successful, however Ellie Goulding was.


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