Ancient Robbo Proverb #2

Always make a back up when dealing with the internet and jargon instructions!

Today I helped my good friend from stormford golden retrievers move her website hosting… I printed out the instructions and sorted through all the technical jargon and hey presto the website was now being hosted on wordpress, only there was no site?

Now as when I had moved to wordpress from spaces I figured it must be a delay in the moving so we e-mailed the respective hosts and left it to them. By the time I got home however I began to worry, so upon a bit of late research I discovered that actually you should save the website on something called an FTP. Argh!

But thankfully due to Cache on Google (why they don’t just call it an archive I don’t know?) I have just trawled through the whole site and put it all back together again, well except for some missing bits I couldn’t find. How stressed I was that I’d single handedly destroyed my friends hard work! I’m still hoping that the old host can do something but I figure I may as well act now instead of later.

So even if the instructions don’t mention these things always make a back up!



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