Stormin the Castle 2011 (21st Anniversary Show)

Stormin the Castle at Witton le Wear was a brilliant feat again this year!

After taking a year off last year (that’s me not the Rally) it was good to be back. The line up was awesome and much fun was had by all.

Friday night has to be the pinnacle for me though, great weather for a start! And from Crows to the Emerald Theives to Ska-Toons much fun was had by all. We even fitted some dodgem time in! Although I must take this opportunity to apologise to everyone who we rambled on at that night, especially to the Scots who we had an awful habit of not fully understanding… But according to a posh scouser we were incredibly difficult to understand too. We talk to fast me thinks?

Saturday nights line-up for the Iris tent was brilliant. To anyone who hasn’t seen them you MUST see Bessie and the Zinc Buckets they put on the best show, 2nd time for me and I’d see them again in a heartbeat. Skinflint returned to the main stage this year – we last saw them at our first Stormin adventure in 2007 and they are still as good as last time if not better.

Saturday however it rained but it was nothing my faithful hunter wellies couldn’t deal with.

So now I’m sleeping it all off ready for work tomorrow. Stormin we love you, see all our friends old and new next year! Only 365 days to go…

Friday line-up

Iris Stage
Emerald Theives
Backstreet Crawl

Main Stage
Fractured Valves
Dr Feelgood

Saturday line-up

Iris Stage
Smokehouse Boys
Bessie & the Zinc Buckets
The Karma Heart
Lyndon Anderson Band

Main Stage
Seven Little Sisters
Ginger Wildheart & Friends

Go to: Stormin the Castle for more information


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