Training session #1

Ok so today training commenced, and weaning oneself in gently is the way forward. My aim, to do the final mile in 1.5 hours…

So off I went, with Heather of Stormford Golden’s as “coach”. Well if I try to do the whole thing in a combination of breast stroke and paddling on my back I’ll do grand. I can do a 25 metre length in breast stroke at a length a minute, for 30 minutes!! Then I start to slow.

“Coach” then went all hard-ass and demanded I swim front crawl, sadly I can swim the first length like a dolphin on speed… The following lengths not so much, I need to learn discipline and steady my pace. But I managed to do 2 lengths on front crawl eventually, and then totalled 4. Go me!

In total I successfully completed 50 lengths in 60 minutes… So even if I do it in breast stroke I’ll be well in my time. But this is only early days, I’ll get there eventually!!

Wait until I have to start my wild swimming training, that’s when the fun really starts.

One thought on “Training session #1

  1. Update: after adjusting my calculations, I’ve just discovered (correct me if I’m wrong) that 1 mile in a standard 25 metre pool would be 60ish lengths… But in a 20 metre pool it would be 80ish. So that makes life a little better for me!!

    Make a note of that Coach!!

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