GRCN – Crathorne 2012

First test of the season! Glorious weather and a good turn out.

The retrieves I was on were a river retrieve on the Novice which stumped the majority of runners, some failed to go into the water and others just couldn’t get the retrieve. It was a blind to a shot, but the wild Garlic was so overpowering I stunk of it all the way home! So that may have had something to do with it?

My second retrieve I again placed the blind, but they also had a mark to get second. I don’t think we had a single fail on the blind but the mark proved testing and a few dogs failed on that one.

But overall a good day with some lovely handling. Tweed came along for a ride out and was so mellow I thought he’d been switched. Steadied him up a treat, so that’s encouraging!

I’ll list the winners and judges etc. once I find the running order.

1st – Labrador – Falconlea Autumn Breeze
2nd – Labrador – Eshiels Danny Boy
3rd – Labrador – Mosshill Bramble
4th – Labrador – Stornside Alabama

1st – Labrador – Delfleet Huckleberry
2nd – Labrador – Eshiels Danny Boy
3rd – Labrador – Claybeck Beth
4th – Labrador – Claybeck Forrester

2 COM’s

  • Labrador – Esmoro Rajah
  • Labrador – Lazull Lucas

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