It’s for Chari-deeeeee

This weekend has been mostly spent recovering after a charity doo in aid of PSPA. I got a little tippled, as you do and was outraged that my friend’s husband big AGAINST me for a day at the races at Gosforth racecourse. But the money went to a great cause and a good night was had by all, they raised around £4,500. The girls who organised it are also doing the 3 peak challenge. If you would like top sponsor them please click the following link (below) to their justgiving page.

Speaking of justgiving pages I have managed to get severely out of training for my big swim, it’s not that I don’t think I’ll manage I know I will, it’s more that I’d like to hit my time of an hour (total) for the mile swim. I’m obviously not nervous though or I’d be trying harder to get some training in.

On a further note my other mission of this year has been relatively successful, I’m trying to lose weight and so far I’ve hit nearly 70kg woot to that one – although my aim is more 60-65 I’m on my way!! Baby steps people (I have been on this mission since January and since we’re now in May nearly I think I’ve done ok, I’m not sharing what weight I started at ha ha ha).

Packing for the new house is practically completed, I just need the moving date now. So excited but also a little nervous, moving out for permanent not just uni is a little bit nerve racking, but I’ll be fine!

Ok that will do for today.


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